FIWARE: enabling city ecosystems

1.  Title

FIWARE: enabling city ecosystems

2.  Abstract

Nowadays there are already many smart city platforms, the aim of this tutorial is to show that only applying a win-win approach smart city platform can really become an opportunity for all: public stakeholders, entrepreneurs, citizens.

In this tutorial the speakers will present the FIWARE Platform, the City Enabler which is a FIWARE-based platform suited for enabling, integrating and running a complete set of smart cities applications, as well as some uses cases.

The FIWARE Platform, built around the notion of context information management (based on the NGSI-LD ETSI standard, available at, is a coherent and compliant set of open source technologies particularly tailored for building, deploying and running smart ecosystems, i.e. platforms that are open to integrate and host, in an organic growth fashion, smart applications.

The City Enabler, is a FIWARE-based platform allowing urban service providers (public and private) and the local Governments actively collaborate to exploit urban data (e.g. open, sensor, free, closed, linked, … data). Data are managed and visualized in such a way to support City Managers in decision making processes, opening to new business models for all the stakeholders to exploit and combine the data collected, doing new ventures possible thanks to innovative map-based urban services.


In addition, during the tutorial showcases of the use of City Enabler will be shown. Attendees will be guided in practical examples on how to build and deploy their own smart city application making it part of a larger ecosystem.

3.  Motivation

Everybody is aiming at leaving in better cities where life conditions will be made easier also because of the existence of services supporting 24/7 the life of citizens and visitors.

Everybody is aiming at having cities also source of wealth and growth.

Many ICT solutions exist already nowadays not necessarily giving to all opportunities of achieving such aims due to many reasons including technical and economic barriers.

Under such perspective, the tutorial directly addresses the main barriers the conference aims to address by practically showing how FIWARE-based platforms, as City Enabler is, can fully address both social and technical challenges.

4.  Intended Audience

Stakeholders and practitioners with the aim of implementing and deploying smart ecosystems.

5.  Logistics

Room in school class mode allowing the attendees to follow practical example. Good internet connection.

The tutorial is divided into two parts: a more general part underling what it is and the benefits in adopting FIWARE Technologies, a second part intended to be “hands on”. Attendees for the second part are expected to have basic skills of Docker, Docker Compose, Git, Postman, Cygwin for Windows, and Compass.

6.  Speakers

Stefano De Panfilis – FIWARE Foundation COO

Lanfranco Marasso – Smart City Program Director at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.

7.  Contact Information

Stefano Di Panfilis , Fiware Foundation COO

8.  CVs

Stefano De Panfilis (male) – Since July 2016 he holds the COO position within the FIWARE Foundation where he effectively moved starting 1st January 2017.

He graduated cum laude in Mathematics from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

In 1984, he was hired by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica as a software engineer and researcher. In his carrier he participated, initiated and led several EU funded projects around the topic of architecture and implementation of complex IT systems addressing this topic from both the methodological and the technological perspective.


He actively participated in the Future Internet various initiatives set-up by the European Commission having also served the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) caretakers committee for several FIA editions. In this context he was one of the founders of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) now known as the FIWARE initiative.


Since the beginning he is the responsible of FIWARE Lab and from April 2012 till its end, he was a member in the FI-PPP Architecture Board. In 2013 he was elected Chairman of the FI-PPP Steering Board.


On 13 September 2016 he signed the founding act of the FIWARE Foundation of which he covers the COO function.


Author of several scientific papers appeared on international journals and in conferences proceedings, he is member of a number of international conferences Program Committees.